Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blog 25 . . . my reflective essay.

My reflection

The cluster. Mass media and society, American film history, english101/103. This semester my advisor had recommended me to take a cluster. These classes were very interesting.
English101/103. As I started the semester I had imagine that for these classes I was going to be doing a lot of writing ..... on paper. Pages of essays, a bunch of books, a lot of research but I was wrong. Since the class started we joined a blogger. Which is was kind of interesting since I never had one. This class has basically thought me a few things like blogging, a little of philosophy, and how us as class can help one another., The semester started with this. I was kind of skeptical about the idea. I was used to only the teacher/professor being able to see my work. Everything I put on this website would be seen by anyone. Including rough drafts, unfinished work etc. But afterwards I got the hang of it. I like it. You get to see other people’s ideas, who agrees with yours and who sees it different. The blogger was another good idea since we didn’t have to hand in paper work. Not only is it good for the economy, computers make it much easier to give your work in, or post it. The book we were reading was kind of confusing in a way, Philosophers explaining their ideas on how we could be in the matrix. Not only did they make me question earth but they taught me to think outside the box.
Mass Media and society, Class was actually one of my favorite. Since the subjects we talked about were really in my interest. I’m interested in communication studies although I’m very quiet. We researched people who have had impact in the world of media. Examples John Dewey, Marshall McLuhan etc . The talking about how everything in the media is used to manipulate people, how sad it is that a lot of people let this happen. Commercials, News, programs everything is limited to us. One thing that really caught my attention was the book he was talking about[don’t remember the name] “how the point of life is that there is no point.”
American film history. This class I would say was my least favorite. Just because im not interested in film as much as regular people would be. It was good knowing how people in the 20’s saw movies and how they were made. How much they developed thru out the years. How the change has been drastic. But it really isn’t my interest. I would recommend this class to people that are interested in films. People that would want to become directors or actors, because the class is very insightful when it comes to the dynamics and structure of film.
In conclusion this cluster was actually my first semester in college , and I really liked it. Im not sure how work outside of the cluster would really work since the teacher in the cluster actually communicate with each other.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

blog 24 . . .have to type it

Many movies thru out our history have came out confusing human reality, making us question life. Many portray different events , such as a game [eXistenZ] , A virtual job [Sleep Dealer] or just making us question if were in the matrix in general. What these three movies have in common is that there all about getting plugged in “penetrated” like Cynthia Freeland would say. Theese movies make us see life as easier in some way.

Social Class
As known today , there’s been a lot of issues considering the fact that there’s to many immigrants that they seem they want to get rid of. But if you realize in the movie existens the Americans still want their service. Sleep dealer was a movie based on . . . . . . . . .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

blog 23

. . .there bassically claiming that the matrix is what karl marx did/wanted.[marxist]

americans worker are made to belief that they are working at there own will.
Thier main arguments surround the idea of being "coppertops", being slaves to the workforce in relation to capitalism . . .

Thursday, May 20, 2010

blog 22 . . . . not done.

After watching both films I believe both of them were culturally relevant. In some sort of way they both had their points and differences. In many ways they confused the human reality and proven to us that we don’t know if this is all a game, virtual reality. Many reasons for this is because of the technology we have now. Although I’m pretty sure we aren’t in the matrix or in a virtual game the movies still make us question ourselves and life.
Mentioning my point of view, existenZ was more interesting but the matrix was more culturally relevant in some ways. As they show the pink goo that we are supposedly in, and show the difference between the virtual world and the “real one” In many kinds of way in the matrix its showed that it can be true. An example being how the world we live in now we wouldn’t know if there’s somebody controlling us, or a society of undercover detectives.
As Cynthia does mention I believe the matrix is more culturally relevant especially mentioning the fact that it seem kind of sexist. The world we live in is unfortunally sexist, and although the woman’s have more right then before it still seems as though the man is still in power..
A lot of more human beings would accept playing a “video” game rather than having to make a decision between the blue or the red pill, because people are too afraid of reality. Some would just rather stick to what they are use to even if it’s fake. In ExistenZ the director confused the human being mind. As Cynthia Freeland had mentioned “we feel unable to difference between reality and illusion”. The point of the game was to make it out alive. But after they were out they weren’t sure if the real was real or if they were still in the game. As both of the movies had a few of similarities they were basically saying the same.
Seeing the movie ExistenZ let me understand cynthia’s Freeland’s point of view. Of course the women would have more play in this movie since she was the one that invented the game. Just like her I actually enjoyed watching existenZ more than watching the matrix.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blog 21 . .

im acctaully not quite sure if im using 2012 as my final project . . . im doing alot of research on it. The defiinition as why the mayan calender goes up to only 2012, and How some people have seem to believe parts of the media , and how the world might end in 2012. Esspecially after the film 2012 .

. . . . . =/ . . . not quite sure if im sticking to this for my final . . . .

Penetrating Keanu

In “penetrating Keanu” Cynthia Freeland mentions a lot of good points about the matrix. I’m not a big fan of the matrix as it seem like everyone else is. And I actually looked forward to watching ExistenZ. She does mention a lot of the book being sexist, which happens to be somewhat true. As she mention trinity came out to be like one of them but instead was like “neo’s sidekick” like she mention and was again the male was the hero.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blog 18

i decided to do my final project on 2012[not the movie] yet it did have alot of impact on people believing how the world is going to end or how its coming to an end. i started doing it as a powerpoint. ima answer the question whether the world might come to an end, and all the myths and religious toughts.